Whitworth Forensics takes first in Louisiana tournament

The Whitworth University Forensics team won the Bossier-Parrish Community College Tournament, held February 14-16, 2020 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  The team won the speech tournament against 12 schools and took third place in the debate tournament. This led the Arguing Bucs to an overall first place standing in the tournament sweepstakes out of 28 schools, defeating national rivals including Abilene Christian University, the University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State University, the University of Central Arkansas, and defending national champion Louisiana State University – Shreveport.

Overall speech sweepstakes winners included Annaclare Splettstoeszer taking second place and Chauncella Koulibali taking third place among all competitors in the tournament.

Every single Pirate came home with an award, showing the breadth and depth of this team.

Speech award winners include:

  • AhLana Ames ’22 took 6th in after dinner speaking and 5th in poetry
  • Solenne de Tassigny ’22 took 5th in persuasion
  • Skye Gordon took 5th in after dinner speaking
  • Hannah Hobbs ’21 took in 6th in informative 
  • Aidan Hollister ’23 won impromptu
  • Kelea Ilac, ’22 took 4th in junior programmed oral interpretation
  • Courtney Iseman ’23 took 5th in informative speaking
  • Chauncella Koulibali ’22 won programmed oral interpretation, took 2nd in poetry, and 3rd in after dinner speaking
  • Payton Lo ’23 took 6th in impromptu
  • Drew Lorenc ’23 took 2nd in after dinner speaking and 6th in extemporaneous speaking
  • Palmer Pederson ’23 took 4th in persuasion and 5th in informative
  • Travis Plunkett ’23 took 6th in programmed oral interpretation
  • Celeste Riley-Norman ’23 won informative and took 2nd in persuasion
  • Jericho Simone ’22 won poetry, took 2nd in communication analysis, 5th in prose
  • Annaclare Splettstoeszer ’23 took 2nd in informative speaking, 3rd in persuasion and 4th in impromptu
  • Tucker Wilson ’20 took 2nd in programmed oral interpretation, and 4th in after dinner speaking

And in duo interpretation:

  • Chauncella Koulibali and Tucker Wilson won with Drew Lorenc and Skye Gordon taking 2nd place
  • Jericho Simone and Solenne de Tassigny took 3rd place, and AhLana Ames and Kelea Ilac took 5th place.

In debate:

  • In open division, Solenne de Tassigny, Jericho Simone and Tucker Wilson were octofinalists (sweet 16).
  • In junior division, double octofinalists (round of 32) included AhLana Ames, Kelea Ilac, and Drew Lorenc.
  • Octofinalists included Skye Gordon, Chauncella Koulibali, and Annaclare Splettstoeszer.
  • Quarterfinalist Aidan Holister was a quarterfinalist and was the second best debate speaker.
  • In novice debate Travis Plunkett ’23 was a quarterfinalist and the 4th best novice speaker.  Palmer Pederson was an octofinalist.

The team’s next tournament is the National Christian College Forensics Association’s National Tournament at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania on March 6-8, 2020.

Mike Ingram, professor of Communication Studies and Director of Forensics, and Stephanie Gibbons ’15 Assistant Director of Forensics, coach the team.

(Students in the novice division and junior divisions have limited tournament experience as defined by the International Public Debate Association). 

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