Whitworth Forensics closes the 17-18 season in 4th place

The Whitworth University Forensics team closed its season at the International Public Debate Association National Tournament held on our campus, March 24-27.  

In the yearlong sweepstakes for points earned all season, Whitworth took fourth place out of over 125 schools across the nation.  Whitworth finished ahead of national and regional rivals including Boise State University, Louisiana State University, Oregon State University, Seton Hall University, and Utah State University.  

  • At the national tournament, Whitworth took fifth place out of 36 schools from 16 states.  Whitworth finished ahead of national and regional rivals including Colorado Christian University, Southern Methodist University, the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.  

The team brought home 10 individual debate awards and four different team sweepstakes awards related to the national tournament.  

At the national tournament:

  • Sara Muscente ’19 advanced to double octafinals (the round of 32), while Jacob Farrell ’19 advanced to quarterfinals (the elite eight). 
  • In junior varsity, Sanjay Philip ’21 and Jess Lewis ’20 advanced to double octafinals, Damian Sanchez ’21 and Brendan Thompson ’21 advanced to octafinals (the sweet 16), Daniel Giorello advanced to quarterfinals and Tucker Wilson ’20 advanced to semifinals (the final four).

For speaker awards at the national tournament, Jacob Farrell was the 9th best speaker in varsity, and Sanjay Philip was the 5th best junior varsity speaker

In the season long awards, Daniel Giorello was the 3rd place novice speaker. 

Alumni Elizabeth Case ’02, Kat Duarte ’17, James Eccles ’17, Stephanie Saracco Gibbons ’15, Deanna Ingram ’16, Jenn Ingram ’13, Krister Johnson ’13, Rebecca Korf ’15 and Ellie Probus ’16 were guest judges for Whitworth at the tournament.

The team was coached Mike Ingram, the director of forensics and professor of Communication Studies, and Micah Allred ’17 Assistant Director of Forensics.

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