Forensics team starts spring strong at Pacific University tournament

The Whitworth University Forensics team brought home eight speech awards and 11 debate awardsthe Pacific University tournament January 26-28, 2018.  The team took 5th place overall out of 23 schools, defeating regional rivals including Pacific University, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and Willamette University.

Tucker Wilson ’20 was recognized as the second best novice and junior division speaker/debater in the entire Northwest Forensics Conference for his excellent work across the season.

In the senior debate division:

  • Sara Muscente ’19 took second place and Rylee Walter ’19 was a quarterfinalist (top 8). 
  • Speaker awards went to Rylee for 4th place and Sara for 7th place. 

In the junior debate division among 29 debaters:  

  • Jess Lewis ’20 was a semifinalist (top 4) and Tucker Wilson was an octofinalist (top 16).
  • Speaker awards went to Tucker Wilson for 9th place and to Jess Lewis for 10th place.

In the novice debate division:

  • Sean Duarte ’21 was a quarterfinalist and Damian Sanchez ’21 was an octofinalist.
  • Speaker awards went to Sean Duarte for 10th place.

The speech results included:

  • Drew Craddock ’21 won novice extemporaneous.
  • Sean Duarte took 4th in novice persuasion.
  • Jess Lewis took 5th in Dramatic Interpretation, 6th in junior impromptu and 6th in junior extemporaneous.
  • Sanjay Philip’21 took 5th in novice extemporaneous.
  • Tucker Wilson took 5th in impromptu.
  • Sara Muscente & Tucker Wilson took 3rd in duo .

Alumna Stephanie Gibbons ’15 was a guest judge for Whitworth at the tournament. The team’s next tournament will be February 17-18 at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. 

 The team is coached Mike Ingram, Professor of Communication Studies.

Students in the novice division have limited high school experience and have won fewer than three awards in a particular speech category as defined by the Northwest Forensics Conference, and junior division is for those winning fewer than eight awards.


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