Arguing Bucs win the Pacific University Forensics tournament

The Whitworth University Forensics team won the Pacific University tournament this weekend.  The Arguing Bucs brought home 27 speech awards and 18 debate awards.  Each debater brought home awards showing the breadth and depth of this team.  The Pirates defeated seven regional rivals including Lewis & Clark College, the University of Idaho and the University of Portland.

In the senior debate division Eric Anderson ’21 won and Sara Muscente ’19 took second – both going undefeated across the tournament!

Rylee Walter ’19 and Daniel Giorell0 ’20 were semifinalists (final four)

Sanjay Philip ‘21, Tucker Wilson ’20 and Solenne de Tassigny ’22 were quarterfinalists (elite eight)

Speaker awards went to Eric Anderson for 2nd place and Rylee Walter for 3rd.


In the novice debate division Chauncey Koulibali ’22 was a semifinalist.

Mykel Greene ’21, Justin Li ’21, Kelea Ilac ’22 and Calvin Payne ’21 were quarterfinalists.

Speaker awards went to Calvin Payne for 1st place, Kelea Ilac for 3rd, Mykel Greene for 4th and Chauncey Koulibali for 5th

The speech results included:

AhLana Ames ’22 and Rylee Walter won duo.

AhLana Ames took 4th in novice impromptu

Eric Anderson ’21 took 2nd in impromptu

Solenne de Tassigny ’22 took 3rd in informative

Sean Duarte ‘21 took 5th in extemporaneous and 6th in informative

Daniel Giorello ‘20 took 3rd in extemporaneous, 5th in informative and 6th in impromptu

Mykel Greene ’21 took 3rd in novice extemporaneous and 5th in novice impromptu

Hannah Hobbs ’21 took 4th in after dinner speaking

Kelea Ilac ’22 won novice impromptu

Chauncey Koulibali ’22 took 2nd in poetry

Justin Lin ’21 won informative and took 4th in novice extemporaneous

Sara Muscente ’19 took 2nd in persuasion and 3rd in prose

Calvin Payne ’21 took 2nd in programmed oral interpretation

Sanjay Philip’21 took 4th in extemporaneous, 4th in impromptu and 4th in informative

Jericho Simone ’22 won novice extemporaneous

Tucker Wilson won extemporaneous, took 4th in impromptu and 3rd in after dinner speaking


Alumni Evan Barnes ’16 and Lori Welch ’90 were guest judges for Whitworth at the tournament.

Mike Ingram, professor of Communication Studies and Director of Forensics, and Rebecca Korf ’15 Assistant Director of Forensics, coach the team


The team’s next tournament will be November 16-18 at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR



(Students in the novice division have limited high school experience and have won fewer than three awards in a particular speech category as defined by the Northwest Forensics Conference.  Junior students have won fewer than eight awards, and any student may compete in the senior division.)

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