Off-campus study opportunities

img_00522JMC 345: Media and Society in Germany

Faculty leader: Dr. Kevin Grieves

This is a new program to Whitworth. Students will spend four weeks in Germany and will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of contemporary German society and current issues such as European unity, changing demographics and immigration. The program will focus on two major institutions in Germany: the Christian church and the media. Students will also have a chance to acquire or solidify digital storytelling skills in a cross-cultural and transnational setting.
Participants will have the opportunity to examine differences and similarities between the mass media systems of Germany and their home country, and to enhance critical thinking about significant issues related to international communication.

German language skills and media production skills are NOT a prerequisite for participation. This program will be generally offered during May (Jan-term swap) in even years. Visit the Off-Campus Programs site for more information.



JMC 346: Media Impact in the Contemporary U.S.

Faculty leaders: Dr. Jim McPherson or Dr. Kevin Grieves

This Jan-Term program exposes students who are interested in mass media to some of the media-related issues affecting contemporary U.S. society. Students meet with approximately two dozen individual media leaders at their organizations in New York and Washington, D.C., and visit other media-related sites in those cities. This program is generally offered during Jan Term in odd years. Visit the Off-Campus Programs site for more information.

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