The Department of Communication Studies at Whitworth University is home to three majors, four minors and a variety of student program opportunities.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Students interested in studying media and mass communication can major or minor in Journalism. While the face of media may be changing, a journalism education has been called “the best general education that an American citizen can get” today. An additional minor in visual communication is also available.

Journalism faculty members are:

  • Dr. Kevin Grieves
  • Dr. Erica Salkin

Speech Communication

Students interested in studying the communication of individuals, small groups and organizations can major or minor in Speech Communication. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, communication skills are among the top skills desired by employers in a wide range of career fields today.

Speech faculty members are:

  • Dr. Michael Ingram
  • Dr. Alan Mikkelson
  • Dr. Ron Pyle
  • Dr. Joy York
  • Joe Vigil

General Communication
Many of our students are equally interested in both journalism and speech communication. For these students, the department offers a major and a minor in General Communication.